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2019 Quotes and Artworks

Everyone who reads/follows my blog and social media is amazing, and I'm so grateful for the encouragement that I've received from you throughout the last year, so I'd love to know what you want me to do this year. I illustrated and posted a quote every day in 2018, which I'm really proud of, but… Continue reading 2019 Quotes and Artworks


Polymer Clay Tamatoa from Moana

I made this Tamatoa sculpture last year, when I'd only just started using polymer clay, so this was made before I decided that painting the clay worked best for me.The shell of the crab is made out of an actual shell covered in clay with glitter pressed into it. I added the jewels after baking… Continue reading Polymer Clay Tamatoa from Moana


Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Sculpture and Sign

This sign goes with the Audrey II sculpture that I made. I used icy pole sticks to make the sign. Then varnished it with a wood stain, painted the words on with acrylic paint and varnished it again. These pieces will eventually go into one of the indoor pots that my sister has (hopefully they… Continue reading Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Sculpture and Sign