Dreamcatcher Papercut

I made this artwork as a present recently. I actually designed the dreamcatcher almost a year ago, but I didn't have a reason to cut it out until now. I framed the piece in a clear frame. I always like doing that because it shows that the artwork is cut out of paper. I use… Continue reading Dreamcatcher Papercut


Diprotodon Artwork and Progress Video

I made this artwork for my brother. He's studying diprotodons, so I figured this would be a cool present to make for him. The design for this artwork came from a Laurie Beirne artwork that I found on the Australian Geographic website. I wanted the artwork to be relatively accurate, so I basically used Beirne's… Continue reading Diprotodon Artwork and Progress Video

Artworks, Quotes

2019 Quotes and Artworks

Everyone who reads/follows my blog and social media is amazing, and I'm so grateful for the encouragement that I've received from you throughout the last year, so I'd love to know what you want me to do this year. I illustrated and posted a quote every day in 2018, which I'm really proud of, but… Continue reading 2019 Quotes and Artworks


Christmas Decorations

'Twas the nightmare before Christmas when inside the house, the Grinch left a crumb too small for a mouse. Over the last few weeks I've been repainting Christmas decorations that I made (and my dad cut out) last year. The varnish that I used previously made the paint crack, so I had to sand them… Continue reading Christmas Decorations


Pizza John Calendar

As you might remember, earlier this year, I was lucky enough to have my artwork selected to be in a Vlogbrothers calendar. The calendar is still available at: and it's half price at the moment, so it's only $10 usd (not including postage). All the royalties from this calendar will be donated to the… Continue reading Pizza John Calendar