Diprotodon Artwork and Progress Video

I made this artwork for my brother. He's studying diprotodons, so I figured this would be a cool present to make for him. The design for this artwork came from a Laurie Beirne artwork that I found on the Australian Geographic website. I wanted the artwork to be relatively accurate, so I basically used Beirne's… Continue reading Diprotodon Artwork and Progress Video


‘Scarcely Different Bits of Land’ Artwork

I created this artwork in 2016 for school. The task was to create an artwork about culture. I don't feel like I have a very strong culture, and I don't believe that culture is important or a defining feature of someone, however I decided to represent all of the cultures of the world in one… Continue reading ‘Scarcely Different Bits of Land’ Artwork

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Red-capped Robin Card

I made this card for both of my grandmothers for Mother's Day (sorry about the delay in posting it). It depicts a native Australian Red-capped Robin surrounded by Australian flowers. I’m thinking about making a series of cards similar to this. If you remember, I made a Fairywren card earlier this year that had a… Continue reading Red-capped Robin Card