Hufflepuff and Quotes Mugs

I had these mugs made for some of my family and friends at the end of last year. They have quotes on them that I drew last year, and I love how they turned out. The quotes are on both sides, so the drinker and people opposite can see the quote, and it doesn't matter… Continue reading Hufflepuff and Quotes Mugs


A Papercut

The Paper Artist Collective is holding an alphabet challenge on Instagram, where you have to make a letter out of three different colours of paper. I decided to make an A, because it's the start of the alphabet and lots of things start with A, including Australia. I filled the A with objects that start… Continue reading A Papercut

Artworks, Quotes

William Morris Quote

'The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.' -William Morris You may remember that last month I posted a quote and said that I thought it would be a cool idea to take a photo of quotes against the sky each month and make them… Continue reading William Morris Quote


Diprotodon Artwork and Progress Video

I made this artwork for my brother. He's studying diprotodons, so I figured this would be a cool present to make for him. The design for this artwork came from a Laurie Beirne artwork that I found on the Australian Geographic website. I wanted the artwork to be relatively accurate, so I basically used Beirne's… Continue reading Diprotodon Artwork and Progress Video


2019 Quotes Calendars

I had 2019 calendars made for my friends and family at the end of last year. Each month is a different illustrated quote selected from the ones that I created in 2018. I tailored the calendars specifically for the person that I gave them to, so the quotes in each calendar are different. I didn't… Continue reading 2019 Quotes Calendars