Artworks, cards

The Greatest Showman Birthday Card

I needed to make a card for my cousin, so I decided try something a bit different. The figure (inspired by Zendaya in The Greatest Showman) is hanging in the card and can be wound up, so that it spins (see video below). I wasn't certain that this was going to work when I started… Continue reading The Greatest Showman Birthday Card


Polymer Clay Tamatoa from Moana

I made this Tamatoa sculpture last year, when I'd only just started using polymer clay, so this was made before I decided that painting the clay worked best for me.The shell of the crab is made out of an actual shell covered in clay with glitter pressed into it. I added the jewels after baking… Continue reading Polymer Clay Tamatoa from Moana


‘Scarcely Different Bits of Land’ Artwork

I created this artwork in 2016 for school. The task was to create an artwork about culture. I don't feel like I have a very strong culture, and I don't believe that culture is important or a defining feature of someone, however I decided to represent all of the cultures of the world in one… Continue reading ‘Scarcely Different Bits of Land’ Artwork


Pizza John Artwork

There's a competition to design art for a Vlogbrothers calendar, which I've entered. Vlogbrothers is a YouTube channel, involving Hank and John Green. The calendar artworks need to be an interpretation of Pizza John, which is an inside joke and kind of hard to explain, if you don't watch Vlogbrothers videos, but here's a video… Continue reading Pizza John Artwork