Carnival Row Art

This is yet another artwork that I made last year and haven’t posted about, and this isn’t going to be the last one either. This artwork is inspired by the show Carnival Row. It was for a competition, but also I saw the wings and knew they’d make an amazing papercut.

The artwork was cut out a single piece of paper using a scalpel. If you’re interested in seeing my process, there’s a video of me cutting it out on my Instagram.

I just wanted to include the following photos, to show what it can sometimes be like taking photos of a papercut. Some days it’s really windy and takes ages to get a decent photo. Other days it’s really easy. Melbourne is so bad for this because it’s often windy or raining and it’s hard to find sky without any powerlines or buildings in the way. I always manage to get the photo how I want it though, sometimes it just takes a bit longer than I’d like.

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