3D Printed Rings

I did an intensive class in 3D Printing this summer. It was difficult to learn how to use the program, Rhino, in the limited time I had for the class, but I found it really interesting and I enjoyed the process. Honestly, I mainly did the class, so I don’t have to do as many classes in first semester of this year and I’ll hopefully have more time for my own art.

We had to print two rings and design three more for the class. I printed the first two designs that I made. I would’ve liked to have some of the other designs printed, but there wasn’t enough time.  All the designs are kind of nature-inspired, because that was an easy thing for me to work with while I was still learning how to use the program.

The above ring is a little bit hard to identify, but it’s meant to be a rose. A few of the lines were too close together, so they connected when it was printed and that made the centre a bit of a mess. I made this ring mainly because I want to try inking it up and printing it, similar to a stamp. I haven’t had a chance to try that yet, but I will at some point. If it works, I’m thinking that this could be something to explore on a larger scale.

I’m really happy with the above flower ring. I had the idea of making the leaves the shank of the ring. I wasn’t sure how well it would work, but I love the result. Some of the veins on the leaves were a bit thin and didn’t print very well, but apart from that, this ring is just how I wanted it.

Above are the other rings that I designed but didn’t print. I made the bottom left by just playing around with the program, so my original sketch for this ring looked completely different. It reminds me of flowers, but also of a crown of thorns, and I think it looks pretty cool even though it’s nothing like what I was originally intending to do. The bottom right is inspired by coral, and I like it better than the bottom left, but the top ring is my favourite. It’s inspired by a dried Chinese Lantern plant. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should definitely look it up. They are really cool. I’ve been wanting to make one out of paper for ages, and when I had to come up with another ring , I thought I might as well attempt to make one, and it worked really well!

Overall I had a lot of fun making these rings. I’m not really one to use computers to make artworks. I like the feeling of making things with my hands, rather than making things on a screen, but this was fun. It’s possibly something that I could incorporate with other forms of art-making in the future. I think it’s a good skill to have, because now I know I have the option to 3D print things if I ever have the need.

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