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Project for Awesome Nerdfighter Art

Last year I donated artworks to the Project for Awesome, which is an annual charity event. It’s run by Hank and John Green among other people, and there’s a heap of perks you can get if you donate. One of the perks is Nerdfighter Art, and if you ordered that perk, there was a chance that you’d get one of my artworks.

I made 25 lino prints. Each has a handwritten quote in the centre. All the quotes are attributed to Hank or John Green and they’re all different. I also hand-coloured the prints with watercolours, and the way I coloured each one is different as well, so every print is completely unique!

I also included a business card with a thank you note written on it with each artwork.

I had a lot of fun making these, even though it was a bit stressful at times. I had uni projects due around the same time, but I managed to get everything done in the end.

The Nerdfighter Art perks were sent out recently, so people have been contacting me saying how much they love the artworks, and it’s really exciting! It’s so kind of people to contact me and I love seeing where the prints are around the world.


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