Spider-Man Far From Home Nail Art

I haven’t seen Far From Home yet, but I am excited about it, so I painted my nails with characters from the film. Can you name all the characters? (The answers will be at the end of this post)

I’ve been inspired by a few people that I’ve seen on Instagram, who paint cute characters on nails, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m really happy with how these look. I used the finest paintbrushes I could find. I think I’ll be able to get finer ones online, so I might need to investigate that, because the brushes aren’t as fine as I’d like. What do you think of this style of nail art?

I also decided to try painting my nails without a background colour this time. Previously, I’ve painted my nails with a single colour, or a gradient before painting the characters and symbols, but this time I decided to try just painting my nails with clear varnish first and then painting the characters with acrylic paint over the top. The clear dried a lot faster than coloured nail polish does. Also, the shiny surface made it really easy to scratch off the acrylic paint, when I made a mistake.

After painting the characters and title, I painted a few coats of a matte top coat over my nails. This gives the same finish over the whole nail, makes the nails smoother and also makes the acrylic paint last a lot longer than it would without the top coat.

The characters are: Mysterio, Spider-Man, MJ, Aunt May, Iron Man, Nick Fury, Peter Parker, Ned Leeds and Happy Hogan.

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