A Papercut

The Paper Artist Collective is holding an alphabet challenge on Instagram, where you have to make a letter out of three different colours of paper. I decided to make an A, because it’s the start of the alphabet and lots of things start with A, including Australia.

I filled the A with objects that start with A, and then cut it out of black paper.

I used blue and purple paper for the background in the hope that they could count as aqua and amethyst. They’re not quite the right colours, but I needed them to be light so they’d contrast with the black. I made the background into an argyle pattern, because I might as well make everything start with A.

I’m really happy with this artwork, and I’m tempted to make more letters in this style, but I’ve got other things to do before then. I also started uni this week, so the amount of free time I have is going to decrease dramatically.

I’ve entered the competition, which closes in about a day, and the winners should be announced soon.

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