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Inspirational Quote Papercut and Potential Calendar Idea

‘Stop stressing over shitty people.’

One month into 2019, and I finally managed to post a quote. Sorry to people who follow me because of my quotes, I’ll try to post them more frequently. I’m just finding it hard to find the right quotes at the moment, but I’ll keep looking (I think I used all the good ones that I know of last year).

I decided to try a new style for my quotes this year. Instead of drawing the design, I’ve cut some of it out of paper. I used watercolours to create the rainbow effect behind the letters, and then wrote the quote with sharpie.

I’m thinking that if I make a calendar (and don’t hold me to this, because I might not manage to finish it), that I could take photos of different quotes throughout the year. I’d take a photo like this photo each month of the year, so you’ll be able to see the change of seasons in the background. Hopefully you can make sense of that and, if so, what do you think?

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