Rainbow Kite Papercut

I’ll be moving within the next month, so that I can go to university, and my new room is just white, which is really boring. Therefore, I’m hoping to make some colourful artworks for my new room. This kite is the first piece that I’ve made for this purpose. I’ve had this wooden kite from Kaisercraft for years, and I finally got around to doing something with it.

I undercoated the kite and then painted it with rainbow colours. I painted the backs and edges of the pieces black and varnished them, so that they won’t chip or put marks on the walls. I also cut patterns out of black paper in the shape of the kite pieces. I then glued the papercuts onto the wooden pieces with PVA. I made the papercuts slightly bigger than the wooden pieces, so that I had a bit of leeway when gluing them on. I trimmed the edges after the papercuts were glued on, so the paper fit perfectly. Gluing the pieces on was really stressful and time-consuming, but it worked well in the end. I also tied the pieces together with black ribbon to make it look more like a kite.

Using the wooden pieces for the backing was a new thing for me, and I like it because I don’t have to frame the artwork or worry about it getting bent. I’m not sure how well the pieces will last, whether the papercuts will peel off or get dusty, but I like it at the moment.

I love how this looks and it will add a bit of colour to my new room, which is exactly what I need. Colour is really important to me and inspires me a lot. My room at home is just an explosion of colour. The ceiling and walls are all different colours, which might sound ridiculous, but it does work. I haven’t actually tried the kite in my new room yet, but the walls are white, so it’s a blank canvas and any colourful art will look good on it.

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