DVD Mosaic Letters

I decorated these letters as a house-warming gift. I got them from Typo and originally they were white, so first I painted them black. I’ve found the easiest way to get an even coat of paint on something like this, is to use a makeup sponge instead of a brush. That way you don’t get brushstrokes in the paint.

I used secondhand dvds, which were from a box set of the second season of Lost, for the mosaic. I discovered, using the internet, that dvds have two layers of plastic and if you heat them up with a hairdryer you can peel the layers apart. I did this with some help from my mum and it made cutting the dvds so much easier. I suggest cutting a line in the dvd before heating, just so you have a corner to peel from.

I cut the discs using scissors, and placed them on the letters to make sure everything fit, and then glued them down with pva.

I love how these letters look. The mosaic looks different from every angle, and the letters are shiny and colourful, which is, in my opinion, just what every house needs.

If you have any questions about how to make these, feel free to comment below.

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