Overwatch Papercut

I made this artwork last month for my sister’s boyfriend. All I know about Overwatch is that it’s a video game, but I made this papercut because the receiver likes the game. Thankfully my brother knows things about video games, so he was able to come up with the concept for this artwork.

The bird is Ganymede, which might mean something to you if you know the game, but doesn’t mean anything to me. I did handdraw the design for this artwork, so the bird might look a little bit different to the one in the game, but I think I did a pretty good job.

I decided to put coloured paper behind the bird to make it easier to identify.

For the gradient parts of the head, wing and tail, and also the green around the eye, I painted the paper with gouache. I tried oil pastel and acrylic paint, but the pastel didn’t fill in the dents that give the paper a texture, and it was harder to create a smooth transition of colour with the paint.

I did consider putting colours behind the symbol as well, but I decided it was best to leave it blank and put the papercut in a clear frame, to show that it’s actually cut paper and not just a print.

Even though I don’t know anything about the game, I think the papercut looks pretty cool. I haven’t made a partially coloured artwork in a clear frame before, but I like it. It makes the bird stand out, which is exactly what I wanted. I hope you like the artwork too.

Also, I know I say this every time I make a papercut, but I really love the shadows that this artwork makes.

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