Painted Cupboards


I’ve finally finished painting the cupboards in the laundry at my house! Don’t ask me how long it took because I have no idea, and I don’t really want to know. If you haven’t seen my previous post about painting these cupboards, why don’t you have a look: Painting Flowers on Cupboard Doors

I seem to always do this with projects. I get excited at the start and it’s fun, but after a while I get bored and really regret starting. At least this looks amazing, so I know the time and effort was worth it.


As well as the grass and flowers that I painted on the small cupboard doors, I painted an orange tree on the large door. I’ve never been very confident with drawing trees. I think they always look wrong, but maybe that’s because real trees look weird anyway. I painted bunting in the tree, partly because I thought it would look cool, but also because it covers up the weird branches.


The tree also has a deathly hallows sign and a heart with A+A written in it painted onto it, which are meant to look like they’re carved into the tree. My parents’ names both start with the letter A, so that’s why the heart is there, and I added the deathly hallows sign because Harry Potter references are always good. Also, the deathly hallows sign represents the three brothers and I have two siblings, so it kind of represents the three of us. This is especially the case, because if you had to sort my siblings and I into which of the deathly hallows we’d ask for, I think my brother, who’s the eldest, is most likely out of the three of us to ask for the elder wand, my sister, the middle child, would ask for the resurrection stone and I, being the youngest, would ask for the cloak of invisibility, so the deathly hallows sign works really well for representing all of us. Honestly, I only thought of this after I’d decided to add the deathly hallows sign, so it’s really just a Harry Potter reference.


I also painted some insects on the cupboards to make them more interesting. There’s a snail, bee, ant, ladybird, blue-banded bee, and three butterflies (a Monarch, a Dingy Swallowtail and a Meadow Argus). The insects can all be found in Australia, because that’s where I live. I realised after I finished that I should’ve painted a billywig, because they’re a magical Australian creature, so I might add that at some point.

I even painted the edges of the doors and made sure that the flowers matched up when they went over two doors or over a corner. It was a lot of work, but there’s no point in doing things by halves.



I also had to figure out what to do with the shelves. I ended up painting what I hope looks like clumps of grass. I’ve never really considered it before, but grass is really hard to paint from above. I think it works though, and, once there are things on the shelves, it won’t really matter.

It’s amazing how much better this space looks now that the cupboards are finished. Unfortunately, I don’t think I took photos of the whole room before I started painting. That was a bit of an oversight.

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