Fantastic Beasts Nail Art

Fantastic Beasts nails and nail polish egg

I haven’t seen Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald yet (I’m going to see it on the weekend), but I’m still really excited about it. The first film was amazing and I love the original Harry Potter books, so I’m sure the movie is going to be fantastic. I figured painting my nails was a good way of showing my excitement, and I really wanted to paint adorable magical creatures on my nails.

Fantastic Beasts Screenplay and Nails

I decided to go with vibrant colours because I like them, not because they remind me of Newt Scamander, although the yellow is for Hufflepuff and the blue is similar to the Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay cover. I painted a combination of magical creatures and patterns in Hufflepuff colours (I’m not a Hufflepuff, but Newt is). I tried to make a couple of the patterns look a bit Art Deco-esque, because Art Deco was popular in the 1920s, when the film is set.

Fantastic Beasts nails (Right hand)
Right Hand
Fantastic Beasts nails (Left hand)
Left Hand

I’d like to point out that these are my actual nails, therefore I had to paint the nails on my right hand with my left hand, which I’m relatively good at, considering that I’m right-handed. I guess that’s because I’ve had quite a lot of practice from painting details on my nails for a few years, although it does take more time to paint with my left hand.


The magical creatures on my nails are a bowtruckle, fwooper, occamy, niffler and billywig. These creatures all featured in the first film, so I had lots of reference images for them. The billywig is a magical Australian creature, and I’m Australian, so I figured I had to include it.

The base colours of all the nails are nail polish, but the details, including the creatures and patterns are painted with acrylic paint. I find that acrylic paint is a lot easier to paint with than nail polish, it dries more quickly and is easier to mix. The only problem with acrylic paint is it gets wrecked when it gets wet, so I added at least three coats of a top coat to seal it, which will hopefully make the designs last longer.

Fantastic Beasts nails and papercut eggFantastic Beasts book and nails

As you can probably tell from how many photos there are on this post, I love how these nails turned out. They look exactly like I imagined when I started painting them. I love it when that happens!

Fantastic Beasts nails and polymer clay wand

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