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Layered Mandala Card

This card was a bit of an experiment. After making the Greatest Showman card, I thought it would be fun to try other cards with holes in the centre. I had the idea of creating a layered mandala-inspired card, and, seeing as I needed to make a card for my uncle’s birthday, I thought I’d try it.

The layers are cut out of waxed kite paper, which I used because I needed something thin, with vibrant colours, and the transparency made it look cool from both sides.

Most of the layers are one piece, with the exception of a couple of the outer layers, so that it was easier and faster to put them in the right places. I only glued them around the edges, so the point of the triangles are loose.

The above photo is the front of the card and the photo below is the inside. I love how, when the light shines through the card, you can see the design from both sides, which is why the kite paper works so well. Also, I find that the kite paper is less likely to rip than normal, thin paper, which is good.

The only problem with creating cards that have holes in the middle, is where to write on them. For this card, I wrote in a circle near the edges of the card, so the writing can’t be seen when the card is closed (sorry, I don’t have a photo). I guess I could also have written on the left side of the inside, but that goes against the grain.

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