Doctor Who Nail Art

It’s been months since I last painted my nails, and I apologise to those people following my blog for the nail art. However, I’m really excited about the new season of Doctor Who which starts tomorrow, so I’ve finally painted my nails again.

It was quite hard to come up with ideas for these nails, because I wanted them to be inspired by the 13th Doctor and I’ve only seen trailers and photos, but I came up with ten things, even if some are a bit hard to identify.

As a bit of a side note, the knitted thing in these photos is my fourth doctor scarf. I made it with lots of help from my mum, otherwise it would have taken me four times as long to make. This is partly because it’s a really long scarf and also because I learnt to knit while knitting it.

I’ll tell you what the nails are, because some are hard to identify and/or really weird, and I’m not even sure what they are. On my right hand (the photo above) there’s the Doctor’s shirt and braces, a galaxy, the new Who logo, a TARDIS and these weird glowing rock things that are on lots of the promotional images.

On my left hand (photo below) there’s ‘it’s about time’ with two hearts, these weird hexagon things from promotional images, the Doctor’s face, the stripes that are on her shirt, and 13. Some of these things are a bit weird, but I think they work well together.

From reading comments on Doctor Who posts on social media, I realise that there still seems to be a lot of people who can’t cope with the Doctor being female, which is really quite sad. Some people aren’t even going to try to watch it because the Doctor is female, and I don’t understand that. The Doctor is an alien, so why can’t they be female? I think this is a great step forward and really should’ve happened years ago. I am slightly worried about what this season is going to be like, but that’s because the head writer, Doctor and companions have all changed, so it’s like coming into a completely different show. In saying that, I haven’t enjoyed the last couple of seasons as much as previous ones, so this could be a good change, and, from the trailers, I think Jodie Whittaker is going to be a fun Doctor. I’m excitied and it’s definitely about time.


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