Painting Flowers on Cupboard Doors

I have recently been painting the cupboard doors in the laundry. My mum always wanted to paint them with flowers, but she’s never had time to do it, so I’ve decided to try.

My mum’s idea was to stencil the flowers on, but I decided to paint them freehand. There are ten cupboard doors plus a really big door, so it’s going to take a while to paint all of them. So far, I’ve finished two doors and painted the grass and flower shapes on two more, but I’m hoping I’ll get faster at it. At the moment, it’s fun, but I’ll probably be a bit bored by the time I finish.

The above photo is one door before I painted it and one door after I painted it. As you can see, my mum had already sponged grass on, which is completely different to my version of grass. It’s interesting how much our ideas for the doors vary.

Below are close-up photos of the different flowers. I’m trying to paint a variety of flowers, so that it looks interesting and I don’t get sick of painting them. I think most of them look great, and I’m happy with how the first two cupboards look. Hopefully, I can keep this standard up.

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