Pizza John Artwork

There’s a competition to design art for a Vlogbrothers calendar, which I’ve entered. Vlogbrothers is a YouTube channel, involving Hank and John Green. The calendar artworks need to be an interpretation of Pizza John, which is an inside joke and kind of hard to explain, if you don’t watch Vlogbrothers videos, but here’s a video that might help you understand.

Anyway, I decided to cut the Pizza John image into one of John Green’s books. I chose An Abundance of Katherines. This was partly because the cover’s red, which is the original colour of the Pizza John artwork and also because my name’s Katharine, albeit, spelt differently, but it’s close.

Before you judge me too much for cutting up a book, I just want to point out that this is a second-hand book. It’s not a first edition or signed or anything like that. Also, I’ve read the book, I love it, and I own another copy. Hopefully that’s some consolation to those of you who are against cutting up books.

I’m still not sure which page I like behind the cutout more (the plain or the Q&A with John Green page), but I submitted both, so the judges can decide.

I really like how the artwork turned out and I think the photos look awesome with the offcuts as the background. Hopefully, the judges like it too.

Also, the book makes really cool shadows. I submitted the shadow photos as well, because I’m really bad at decisions and the judges might prefer these photos.

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