Star Wars AT-AT Papercut

I cut out this AT-AT as a present for my cousin. I drew the design, obviously with a lot of help from the Star Wars films, and I’m really happy with how it looks. I’m not a fan of Star Wars, so this was made just for my cousin’s benefit.


I always love the shadows that my papercuts create, and you can’t see them once I frame the artwork, so I take photos of the shadows while I can.


I love putting my papercuts up to the sky. The contrast of the black against the bright blue and white is, in my opinion, pretty awesome. I thought this papercut against the sky was especially cool, because I could make the AT-AT appear as though it was standing on the cloud, which I think makes it look like it could be on snow like they are in whichever Star Wars film.


This papercut only took me about three hours to cut out, which is relatively quick for one of my papercuts. The AT-AT is cut out of black paper, I mounted it on shiny silver paper and put it in an A4 frame. I love using shiny paper, but it makes it really hard to take photos. I decided to take photos outside this time, because there’re too many things to reflect in my home. Luckily, the sky was basically cloud on the day I was taking photos, so it made for a plain background for the paper to reflect. It did make the silver look quite white, but at least the papercut stands out. All that was left was to make sure I wasn’t reflected in the paper either. Some angles and cropping made this possible.


I hope you like this artwork, and please don’t hate me for not liking Star Wars.


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