Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Inkheart Book Covers

I created these book covers for a competition for students a few years ago. Sadly, the competition only existed for two years, but it was fun while it lasted. I created the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland book cover in 2014 and won first prize, and the Inkheart cover, which I won second prize for, is from 2015.

I look at these artworks now, especially the Alice in Wonderland cover, and realise that if I remade the artwork, it would be completely different. It’s interesting how quickly these things change, and maybe one day I will create another Alice in Wonderland cover, just to see how my artistic style has transformed.

The Alice in Wonderland cover was cut out of black paper, with glittery, shiny and patterned papers added underneath.


I really enjoyed making the Inkheart cover. If you don’t already know, Inkheart involves book characters coming to life, so I thought making one of the characters out of pages of the book seemed fitting. Most of the pages relate to the object that they make, for example, the person has pages that say his name, Dustfinger, on them. The different colours of paper were all created with things relating to fire and heat. I coloured the marten with charcoal, the paper used for Dustfinger’s coat and boots was coloured by baking the paper in the oven, and the flames were coloured by singeing the paper with a candle. I put cellophane behind the title to reflect light, so it looks fiery and stands out.

The hardest part about making this artwork was creating the structure so that the figure and fire could stand up. I made a wire frame, which was attached to the paper with blutack and tape, so the back of the artwork is a mess. I also made holes in the book so that the metal wire could be anchored in the book and it must have worked well, because it hasn’t fallen over yet.

I don’t think the Inkheart cover would work very well as an actual book cover, but I think it looks really cool as an artwork. What are your thoughts?

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