Layered Papercut Mandala 2.0

I’ve finished the layered mandala! I love it, and it fits in the frame, which is fantastic!



I put stacks of paper in between the layers to separate the layers and add depth. The photos really don’t give the artwork justice. I think the depth is easier to see in real life, and it looks different from different angles, which I think is really cool. The stacks are made out of five layers of paper, which I glued together, because I’m crazy like that. I used the same colour paper as the as the layer below the stacks, if that makes sense, so that the stacks don’t stand out if you look from an angle, even if you can see them. There are four or eight stacks in each layer.

The finished artwork is 8.4 by 8.4cm and about 2.5cm tall.



The above photo is comparing the new layered mandala on the left, with the one I made earlier in the year on the right. I’m not sure which layered mandala I like more. They both have merits. The black makes the new one look a lot darker than the original one, but I kind of like that. Also, the old one was more detailed, but I believe the layers of the new one makes it look more like a single piece, because the layers overlap each other more, and don’t just look like separate circles, if you understand what I mean.

Which one do you prefer?


The artwork fits in the frame this time! I painted the frame black, to make the colours stand out, and I made sure to fit the piece in the frame as I was gluing the layers together, so that it would fit. I’m not sure I’ll ever get the artwork out of the frame again, but that doesn’t matter.

I love this mandala. I think the layering adds a completely different aspect to it, and it was quite fun to make, when it was working the way I wanted it to and when I wasn’t gluing together stacks of paper, because that is so time-consuming and such a mundane activity. I’m trying to expand my horizons by creating more layered artworks, instead of just the black outlines and colours underneath that I usually do. Don’t get me wrong, I love that style, but sometimes it’s fun to do something a bit different.

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