Layered Mandala Papercut 2.0 Progress

Earlier this year I made a layered mandala papercut which I really liked but didn’t fit into the box frame that I have for it, so I’ve decided to make another one that I can hopefully make to fit into the frame.

Because I don’t do anything by halves, I’ve designed a new mandala. I’ve coloured the template to show how I’m going to cut out each layer, but the colours are more like guidelines than an actual template, so I’m making some of the layers up as I go.

I’ve cut out eight of the fourteen layers, but the more time-consuming part will be making the stacks of paper to create gaps between the layers. I make the stacks of paper by gluing coloured paper together, so that, when you look from the side, the stacks of paper look like they belong and I can also vary the height of the stacks, instead of using the standard size of foam mounts. Most of the single layers don’t take very long to cut out because they’re quite simple, but when the layers are stacked it creates a more complex design, hopefully.

This is the next layer that I’m cutting out. I love dots in mandalas, but they are so hard to cut out and make circular, however I guess I won’t get better at cutting little circles unless I practice (and I am definitely a lot better at it than I was when I started papercutting.)

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