Dr Seuss Paper cut

Here is my completed, framed Dr Seuss inspired papercut. Sorry about not posting it sooner, I went to Melbourne, and didn’t have a chance to do it.

The frame was a bit larger than the piece of paper that the artwork is cut out of, so I cut out stripes to make a border. I quite like the stripes because they tie in with the stripes of the hat. I added red and white behind the hat to make it look more like the Cat in the Hat’s hat, and I love this, but it’s annoying how the black papercut doesn’t stand out as much against the red as it does against the white.

This is one of the largest papercuts that I’ve made. The frame measures 50 by 70 cm. I like working with a large scale, it means I can fit more detail, but it does take a lot longer to cut out and taking photos is really hard.

The above photo is of the template that I used to cut this artwork out. When I cut out the artwork, I cut through the template (which was taped to the black paper) and the black paper. I’ve found that this is the easiest way for me to cut out my artworks. I love the shadows that the template creates, and seeing as I’m throwing it out, I thought I should take a photo of it.

Sorry again for the lack of posts (other than daily quotes) over the last couple of weeks. I do have a new layered mandala papercut that I’m working on, so I will try to post progress pics and get into the habit of posting more regularly.

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