Dr Seuss Papercut Progress

My dad’s birthday was last week, and I made a papercut for him. He is a huge fan of Dr Seuss, so I created a papercut full of references to different Dr Seuss books. I would have posted progress photos on my blog, but then my dad would’ve seen them. I finished cutting out the artwork on my dad’s birthday, so I still haven’t quite finished it. I want to put red and white stripes behind the cutout and I need to frame it.

It took me over 25 hours to cut out this artwork, and many more hours to create the template. I drew the template by hand, using images from Dr Seuss books as a reference.


The image below is of the template that I created. I photocopied it (just in case I ever decide to make this artwork again) and taped the photocopy to the black paper (which is 510 by 635mm and 210gsm). I cut through the template and the black paper at the same time, which does make it a bit harder to cut out, but it also means I can see where I’m meant to cut and I don’t have to worry about smudging the template, like I would if I’d just drawn the template directly onto the paper.

Below are some of the progress photos that I uploaded to instagram (because my dad wouldn’t see them). There are more photos on my instagram page, as well as photos of the design process:


I love the shadows that the papercut creates. Unfortunately, after I put paper behind it and frame it, there won’t be any shadows, but I think it will look good anyway, and with stripes behind it, it will look more the the cat in the hat’s hat.

I hope you like this artwork, I’m really proud of it and my dad loves it, which is great. I’ll be posting photos of it with stripes behind it in the next couple of days. In the meantime, you can try to figure out which books all the characters are from. I wish you good luck.

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