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Papercut ‘Happy Birthday’ Card

I made this card for my grandfather’s birthday. It is handcut out of black paper with the coloured paper glued behind the cutouts.

I love adding shiny papers to artworks, but they are so hard to work with. The silver paper scratched really easily and some of the glue can still be seen on the edges of the letters, even though I tried to remove it. The glue is pretty hard to see, but I know it’s there.

I often wonder how other people see my artworks, because I look at some of them and think “honestly, that’s pretty average” or I just see where I made mistakes. Do people look at my artworks and see the mistakes? Probably not, but if the artwork is hanging in their house, they must look at it often enough to notice the mistakes, mustn’t they? I’ve learnt to appreciate the small mistakes and imperfections because it shows that the piece is handmade, but do the imperfections annoy other people? And why am I getting so deep and questioning everything when I was just going to post photos of a birthday card?

1 thought on “Papercut ‘Happy Birthday’ Card”

  1. I think every artist is their own worst critic. I think that just shows how passionate we are about what we do 😊
    No one else sees the mistakes (or happy little accidents 😉) Kat.
    What you do is amazing !!!


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