Pomegranate Painting Progress

My mum has a pomegranate tree and we were admiring how beautiful the pomegranates were, so I decided to paint them.

I’m still relatively new to realistic painting, so it’s taken a few days, with lots of painting over sections because they didn’t look right.

I still haven’t finished the painting. I need to paint the background and possibly add a few more little details and touch up some sections.

I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to decide what colour to paint the background (I’m not adding a table because that seems too traditional and I like the pomegranates by themselves.) I think I’ve decided on a light blue with a purple tinge. I was considering black, but I’m not confident enough to do it as it would be really hard to paint over if I decided I didn’t like it. At least if I start with a light colour, I can always paint it darker later.

Also, sorry about the lack of progress photos. I get into the zone and forget to take photos.

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