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Red-capped Robin Card

I made this card for both of my grandmothers for Mother’s Day (sorry about the delay in posting it).

It depicts a native Australian Red-capped Robin surrounded by Australian flowers. I’m thinking about making a series of cards similar to this. If you remember, I made a Fairywren card earlier this year that had a very similar design.

I handcut the images out of black card and added the colours behind the cutouts.

I decided to use different papers for the two cards. I wanted to use the same type of paper that I used for the Fairywren card to give to the grandmother who has that card, so that they match, but I wasn’t happy with how I had to use dark grey for the bird instead of black. If I’d used black, the bird wouldn’t stand out and you wouldn’t be able to see details like the eye.

For the second card, I used glossy papers for the body of the bird, so that I could use black. This worked relatively well, although I’m still not certain about it. Maybe in the future, I should just avoid partially black birds.

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