Once Upon A Dream Double-sided Artwork

I made this artwork for my mum for Mother’s Day. It’s inspired by the Once Upon A Dream scene in Sleeping Beauty.

After drawing a similar image for my Sleeping Beauty quote a while ago, I thought it would be really cool to make it out of paper.

My original idea was to just make the back of the coat, but after I made the back I decided it would be cool to make the front as well and put the piece in a clear frame, so you could see both sides.

I made this artwork by cutting and layering coloured paper. Even though the images are inspired by Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, I did hand-draw them, so they’re not an exact copy of the scene in the film. I made one side of each section and then used a photocopy as the template for the other side, so they’d be the same size.

I was hoping to find a frame that was the same on both sides, so there was no obvious front or back of the artwork, but I could only find a frame with a hanger on the back. The frame came in a light colour (like icy pole stick colour), and I didn’t like it, so I used a stain and varnish to make it darker. Because I want people to look at both sides of the artwork, I didn’t use double-sided tape to attach the papercut to the glass, so hopefully the artwork doesn’t move in the frame. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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