Finished Audrey II Sculpture

I’ve finished the polymer clay Audrey II!

It’s so much more cute than I ever imagined it would be, and my sister loves it, which is good, because I’m giving it to her.

The sculpture is made out of polymer clay, with a foil core to add strength and make it easier to sculpt. I’ve painted it with acrylic paint and coated it with a satin varnish. It is approximately 7 x 5 x 4.5 cm, and it is adorable.

I was a bit worried that the satin varnish would make the Audrey II look less plant-like because it’s a bit shiny, but I found a plant in my mum’s garden which is really shiny (see photo below), so I think it’s okay (even though the plant I found doesn’t look like a real plant).

The image below is a compilation of the different stages of the making of this sculpture.

I’m going to make a little sign that says ‘don’t feed the plants’, because I think it’ll be cute, and also because I don’t know when to stop. I’ll post photos of it when it’s done, so expect more photos of Audrey II cuteness soon.

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