Polymer Clay Wands, Dirigible Plums and Audrey II Progress

Here’s the progress of the polymer clay pieces. I haven’t painted Audrey II since the last update, because I’ve been distracted by the wands and dirigible plums, but I thought I’d include it in the photo just to remind you (and me) that it’s still there.

I’ve painted the base colour of the wands and some details, but there’s still a lot more to paint. I’ve added some metallic paint to make them look more magical, and sponged a few colours onto the ‘wood’ of the wand, to create variation.

The dirigible plums are pretty much finished. I just need to add a couple of coats of varnish. They’re going to be earrings, and I know, three doesn’t make much sense, but I wear two different earrings, so I only need one and I’ll be selling the other pair on Etsy.  I started wearing odd earrings when I was about nine mainly because I like being weird, life’s too short to wear the same earrings, and it’s always fun to confuse people.

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