Polymer Clay Wands and Dirigible Plums

I love all things Harry Potter and magic, so I’m making some wands and dirigible plum earrings out of polymer clay.

The wands started out as a foil core, which I covered in polymer clay. I’ve added crazed marbles to the ends to make them a bit more magical. (To craze the marbles, you heat them in the oven and then put them in cold water.) I love making these wands and adding little details so that each one is unique and looks magical. I’ll be painting these and selling them on Etsy when they’re finished.

If you don’t know, dirigible plums are a plant in Harry Potter which resemble an orange radish. The Lovegood family grows them and Luna wears them as earrings. I’ve started painting the dirigible plums, but I still have to paint the leaves and add some details. I’ll be making these into earrings, because that’s how Luna wears them. These will also be for sale on Etsy.

For some reason, the paint on some areas of the dirigible plums won’t adhere to the polymer clay very well. I’m still relatively new at using polymer clay, so I’ve got no idea why this happens and haven’t figured out a way to prevent it yet. This can make it quite frustrating when painting the clay and it can take a lot longer than it should. I got bored of painting the dirigible plums, and, because I already had the colours prepared, I decided to paint a dirigible plum on my arm. It’s interesting how sometimes I have infinite patience and can spend all day doing the same thing over and over and sometimes I don’t have enough patience to paint a couple of earrings.

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