Layered Papercut Mandala

A little while ago I made a layered mandala out of foam as an experiment. I finally got around to cutting a mandala out of multiple pieces of paper instead of foam. This artwork has 13 layers of paper with stacks of paper in between to create depth. The artwork measures 8.5 x 8.5cm and is about 2cm tall.

I did have a frame to put this in, but, unfortunately, the papercut doesn’t fit in the frame. I did make the paper the right size and it should fit, but it for some reason it doesn’t. It’s not just because the layers aren’t perfectly stacked, because the first layer doesn’t even fit. I’m debating whether I cut out a new mandala or sand the frame down a bit. I’m leaning more towards cutting a new mandala out because I don’t like how the layers aren’t stacked perfectly on top of each other, but we’ll see.

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