Autumn Easter Nail Art

Below is my Easter inspired nail art.

You might notice that the colours are kind of Autumnal and that’s because it is Autumn in Australia at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Easter, but it annoys me how in Australia, and I guess other countries in the Southern Hemisphere, this celebration is taken from countries in the northern hemisphere and, thus, has lost its meaning.

I’m going to ignore the religious aspect of Easter, which my knowledge of comes from Jesus Christ Superstar, which I watch every Easter, and might not be the most reliable source of information (however from what I’ve heard it is quite accurate.)

Anyway, the meaning of Easter that I’m talking about is the coming of Spring. If you look at the iconography for Easter, it’s mainly eggs, bunnies, chickens and flowers, and the colour palette is usually pastel colours, and these are all things that are associated with new life, Spring and a lightness after the darkness of Winter. It annoys me that the Easter merchandise in Australia still includes these things. It doesn’t make sense. In my opinion, Easter, or at least the coming of Spring aspect, should be celebrated in Australia in September or October, when it would make sense to have eggs and flowers. And, if you want to do this properly, even though Australians don’t really celebrate it, Halloween should be in April. Then at least pumpkins would be easier to come by and it would be dark at a reasonable hour for trick or treating. Also, Halloween is meant to be a harvest festival, which should occur in Autumn.

I know this doesn’t work for the religious side of these celebrations, but why should mainly Christian celebrations be celebrated world-wide? We don’t have global celebrations for Eid, Diwali or the Day of the Dead, so why have them for Christian celebrations? I think you can change when to celebrate the coming of Spring and the harvest, and those who wish to celebrate the death of Jesus Christ and remember saints and martyrs (do people actually do that on Halloween?) can do that on different days. There’s no reason for them to be on the same day.

The world can’t agree on one day to celebrate Father’s Day, so why should Easter be on the same day worldwide?

Also, my mum grew this pumpkin, which is the most adorable pumpkin ever!

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