Completed Golden Snitch Papercut

Here is my finished papercut!

I’ve put shiny silver and gold paper behind the wings and body, respectively, and mounted it on blue (because the sky is blue). I love how the shiny paper makes it look different from all angles, so it has a bit of movement, however it also makes it really hard to take photos, especially when the artwork is behind glass. So, I apologise for the reflections in the glass in advance (I don’t pretend to be a professional photographer), particularly the last photo with the flash. I just really wanted to show the shininess (is that a word?) of the paper in the last photo, and the only way I could achieve that was with the flash.

The above photo has some of my sister’s and my Harry Potter/magical stuff. I made the wand, dragon eggs, Monster Book of Monsters, scarf (yes, I’m a Ravenclaw) and the papercut (obviously). The twiggy thing on the left is actually a broomstick, because everyone needs one of those, the snitch in the broomstick is from a Gobstone Alley Advent Calendar that my sister gave me last year, and the books are Quidditch Through the Ages, The Tales of Beedle the Bard and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I find it interesting how the papercut in the above photo looks like a silhouette. In real life, you can see the detail more easily.

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