Cutting Foam Experiment

I cut this mandala out of a book of six sheets of foam. This was an experiment, as I haven’t attempted cutting and layering foam before. I love how this looks, but some of the cuts aren’t very clean and it’s difficult to try to fix them because the foam is soft. I think I’d prefer to make this sort of layered mandala out of paper, because it cuts better. I do like how the foam is quite thick, therefore depth is created without having to include about ten sheets for each layer like I would if I was using paper.

I wasn’t very patient when creating this, because it was an experiment. Everything was hand drawn, including the circles, which is why they aren’t perfectly circular. If I was creating this as an actual artwork, I would take more time and be more careful while cutting, and I’d use a computer to create perfect circles for the template.

I truly feel as though this layered mandala would be better if I cut it out of paper. I would be able to include more details and the cutting would be a lot easier. I’m sure I’ll try this sort of technique with paper in the future, so look out for it, if you liked this experiment.

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